Centella de Fuego CCF

Pure Spanish PRE 2012 Filly, Fuego deCardenas X Columbia II

After attending the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky (2010) and being totally blown away by the performance of Spanish Dressage Team member Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz and the fabulous Spanish stallion Fuego XII de Cardenas, I did research to see if it was possible to breed my mare Columbia to such an amazing stud. It took a lot of perseverance, time and patience, but finally our mare was confirmed pregnant (via frozen Fuego semen). The resulting filly (the only Fuego filly in the US) has been a dream come true – gorgeous, affectionate, easy to work with and showing spectacular movement. I am thrilled to imagine our years ahead as she matures.

**Fantastic News**   Results from UC Davis DNA Genetics Dept. confirm that Centella wil be BLACK (no Bay genes/ no Grey genes)! We are thrilled!

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