Enrique CCF *sold*

Pure Spanish Andalusian 2008 Gelding, Bandolero CLXXVI x Columbia II Our first-born” Enrique CCF” is a tall, handsome and gentle horse. His life partner Barbara Hoberecht  is a perfect match for him and I am lucky to be able to visit him often.

Dulcinea *sold*

Pure Spanish PRE 2006 Mare, Novelisto x Tutti I The lovely, calm and expressive mare “Dulcinea”  with her perfect soulmate Karen Johnson. Since they live close by, I am able to proudly watch Dulcinea excelling at Dressage Shows.

Armando CCF *sold*

Pure Spanish Andalusian 2009 Gelding, Bandolero CLXXVI x Columbia II Gorgeous Armando has a big personality that entertains his perfect new partner Christie Snyder. We really enjoy hearing about all their adventures together!