Enrique CCF *sold*

Pure Spanish Andalusian 2008 Gelding, Bandolero CLXXVI x Columbia II Our first-born” Enrique CCF” is a tall, handsome and gentle horse. His life partner Barbara Hoberecht  is a perfect match for him and I am lucky to be able to visit him often.

Dulcinea *sold*

Pure Spanish PRE 2006 Mare, Novelisto x Tutti I The lovely, calm and expressive mare “Dulcinea”  with her perfect soulmate Karen Johnson. Since they live close by, I am able to proudly watch Dulcinea excelling at Dressage Shows.

Armando CCF *sold*

Pure Spanish Andalusian 2009 Gelding, Bandolero CLXXVI x Columbia II Gorgeous Armando has a big personality that entertains his perfect new partner Christie Snyder. We really enjoy hearing about all their adventures together!

Molly & Lola

These little darlings are both in their 20’s and were rescued from an auction. They have become our Farm Mascots and are wonderful with children – they even seem to enjoy dress-up time!

Polo Ponies

Before I was introduced to the Andalusian breed, I played polo for 20 years. I met my husband Rob when he would visit my Dad’s polo field for tournaments. We enjoyed many great years playing on the same team together and I am fortunate to be married to someone who understands my passion for horses.

Fuegito CCF

Pure Spanish PRE 2014 Colt, Fuego deCardenas x Columbia II. Full brother to our Centella de Fuego. These two parents are producing amazing results together. We’re very happy with this boy – excellent dressage conformation, WOW movement and what a sweetheart! My plan has always been to sell off any male horses (since we have… Continue reading Fuegito CCF

Centella de Fuego CCF

Pure Spanish PRE 2012 Filly, Fuego deCardenas X Columbia II After attending the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky (2010) and being totally blown away by the performance of Spanish Dressage Team member Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz and the fabulous Spanish stallion Fuego XII de Cardenas, I did research to see if it was possible to… Continue reading Centella de Fuego CCF

Columbia II

Pure Spanish PRE 2003 Andalusian Mare, Kianto x Rafaga JIM We picked out Columbia when she was just 3 months old at Jackass Mt. Ranch. I had been admiring both of her parents at horse shows and she was an incredible weanling – huge, confident and very sweet. Columbia has such beauty and presence that Rob… Continue reading Columbia II


Pure Spanish PRE 1990 Mare, Americano x Esperanza IIWe recently acquired Manzanita (Selene’s mother – together in photos) as her forever retirement home. Manz has unfortunately changed homes many times in her life and we are really enjoying watching her blossom at our farm. She acts so appreciative of our good care and seems to… Continue reading Manzanita

Selene AC

Pure Spanish PRE 1998 Mare
, Barrillo x Manzanita While shopping for my first Andalusian, we visited Rancho Encantado in Yelm, WA (breeders of Guardiola PRE Andalusians). After viewing many lovely horses there, I was brought to a pasture where young Selene was kept. She and I locked eyes and I immediately knew she was the one. I… Continue reading Selene AC